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“No candles in the world like Crossroads Candles! Love them!” - Donna B.

"So ridiculously impressed with your candles, in particular Banana Nut Bread! It's mouth-wateringly delicious and has been burning for only 10 mins and the whole house smells amazing! I was nervous to spend the time & money to forward your candles to myself in Australia ($50 shipping for 3x 16oz candles - ouch!) but I'm glad I did and I'd do it again! I'll be patiently waiting for a sale so I can justify the horrendous forwarding fees and stock up on more of your candles!“ - Kirsten D.

“Your candles are the only ones I use in my home. I love, love, love them! Will never use another brand. Thank you.” - Kris W.

“The best candle ever! Last for such a long time and the smell is total awesomeness!!!” - Dixie D.

“My candles arrived an hour ago, and if I close my eyes, I am envisioning eating a mound candy bar, a coconut macaroon and drinking a pina colada!!! The Island Coconut candle is equal to the Buttered Maple Syrup and I never thought anything could match that! I can’t wait to try the Strawberry candle. Thanks for all your wonderful fragrances.” - Maureen K.

“These candles are smellicious!” - Audrey S.

“I can’t live without Crossroads Candles!!” - Linda B.

“My first order came pronto! They smell amazing! I can’t wait to burn them!” - Brittany M.

“I received my order today. I am beyond pleased! This company goes above and beyond to make customer’s happy! Thank you so much!” - Stacy B.

“I became acquainted with the scent of Buttered Maple Syrup about 3 years ago at a friends home. Asked immediately the scent of the candle. She told me it was Buttered Maple Syrup and that she had got it through a fundraiser. When my brother told me had gotten some candles from this place in Bucryus, OH of the scent Buttered Maple Syrup it did not take me long to high tail it to Bucyrus. For the past two years now these are the only candles I use. I relocated to Tennessee six months ago and do my shopping online. Love Crossroads Candles!” - Mary N.

“I found the apple spray and caramel latte at a country store near my home in Pennsylvania. We have only tried the apple spray on our back enclosed porch that has “puppy smells.” The scent i like cutting a fresh juicy apple! One pump and the room smells absolutely wonderful. We love this product and will buy more of the various scents. It is a superb spray!!!” Susan R.

“I love candles but yours is by far the best smelling. I put it in my kitchen and it smelled my whole upstairs. I have tried the most expensive to the cheapest but this is the BEST! The smell is wonderful!” - Donna R.

“I have been very impressed with your candles. The scents that I have purchased have been wonderful. They burn beautifully. Very clean burning! I’m not sure what it is that sets yours apart from the other popular brands burn time but wow do they burn for a very long time in comparison!! Thank you kindly for your wonderful products!” - BobbyJo M.

“The Buttered Maple Syrup is the best ever! I used to buy Yankee but not anymore. Ordered candles on a Wednesday and received them that Saturday. Way to go Crossroads you definitely have a long time customer!” - Jillian M.

“Every scent is AMAZING. There is not one day where i haven’t had a candle lit. I never fail to love the smell that fills my whole house. they are simply addicting.” - Jessa

“Your candles are out of this world!!!” - Andrea C.

“I just received a Buttered Maple Syrup candle yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! Very fragrant and clean burning. Filled the room with lasting scent and left not black soot residue unlike some other well-known brands. I love the simple rustic design of your candles which fit in with any decor. I will be buying more of your candles in the future! - Erica H.
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Customer Testimonials
The Buttered Maple is the best ever. I used to buy Yankee but not anymore. Ordered candles on a Weds. and received them Sat. Way to go Crossroads you have definetly got a long time customer.
Jillian M.
Your candles are by far the best out there. Buttered Maple Syrup is my all time favorite. Starting burning French toast yesterday and I love it. I won't buy any other kind of candle ever again. Only Crossroads!
Erin M.
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